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grandpa's Marbles: process/inspiration

Type in the Round

I need to add more dimension.. and will do that tonight. :)

Type in the Round will focus on typography on multiple surfaces, ranging from packages to sculptures. We will concentrate on typography that uses dimensionality to convey a single or multiple messages and rely on artists and designers that think "outside of the page." The conference will encourage stubborn designers and artists to see their own work from a different point of view, and push typography to the EXTREME!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

all of Grandpa's Marbles pages.

home page.

if you click on any of the marbles below, a description of the marble will show up. The description will include size, distance rolled, name (if it has one), and any defects the specific marble has (if any).

any clicked button will be underlined with a peach-colored line to show that it is selected.

if you click on "collection" the subcategories will appear.

if you select the category "color" marbles will dance onto the asphalt in color order. at the same time the infographs that i made will show up where the white box is. this will happen if the category "size" is selected too, except the marbles will be in size order instead of color.

the same thing will happen when the "defects" category is selected, only this time there are a few marbles missing on the asphalt, because some marbles did not have defects.

finally, if you click on the "game" category a large information graphic will appear as well as the rules about how to play Marbles.

and you can always go home to take you to the original home screen.

clicking the word game may imply that they can play the game.
they said the underline isn't working...... try something different.
tom's not sure about the black... maybe a wooden box or w/e marbles are carried in. something w/ more personality.
color--maybe warm to cool.
when they're organized have rollovers where statistics pop up.
infographs.. find a new spot for them.
it sees funny to Tom to line up marbles. try have them scattered.
title---print on an old sticker or something.

Where am I????

Where am I? (Present)
Where can I go? (Future)
Where have I been? (Past)

Building in a lot of if/then statements to change the links per page takes some extra time.