Saturday, May 22, 2010

Islamic working man.

Tom and my poster that we presented the last day of Kathy McCoy's workshop.

this is so cute.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Type in the Round: Process

My type experiment.

Amanda's type experiment.

Type in the Round will focus on typography on multiple surfaces, ranging from packages to sculptures. We will concentrate on typography that uses dimensionality to convey a single or multiple messages and rely on artists and designers that think "outside of the page." The conference will encourage stubborn designers and artists to see their own work from a different point of view, and push typography to the EXTREME!!!!!!!!!

Logo type.
We wanted to focus on dimensionality for our logo.

We started by trying to create 3 dimensions by using Illustrator, but it did not look life-like.

Since our conference is based on dimensional typography, we thought it would make more sense to make our logo without using the computer.

Then we decided to add a secondary logo, to represent the 4 different professions that are invited to our conference.

We had trouble adding dimension to the circles. :(

We tried to push the color coding with the name tags... these weren't working.

New ideas about how to treat the color coding, instead of repeating a giant circle.

New colors. they seen less clown-like.