Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I like the yellow man and type, but i wish the folly logo came in yellow too. :(

Gertrude Stein cover idea

final storyboard. plan A

Sunday, September 27, 2009

VIS LANG: travel posters

Ethos- i trust that the guy skiing knows that Austria is good for skiing.

Logos- fact USSR has 189 people

Pathos- Sex Sells

Friday, September 25, 2009

NA: storyboard ideas

although i liked the keep your teeth clean poster...

it didn't show pathos, logos, or ethos.

Therefore, I have decided to chose the work promotes confidence poster

It shows logos because it states that work promotes confidence, which it does.
At least the worker in the poster looks confident. :P

vis lang: keep your teeth clean

Nevermind. I'm not doing is one.


The posters of the WPA artists cover all sorts of subjects, rendered in many styles, and with varying degrees of skill. There are boldly graphic art deco treatments for health education, folk art illustrations of rural communities, beautiful travel posters, and theatrical advertisements. In those days hand lettering was still a widely practiced graphic art form, and the type design and symbolic logos of these images are built from a grammar that we just don't have today. They're things of beauty in their own right and a slice of history at the same time.

The Works Progress Administration was one of the most sucessful of FDR's New Deal programs. It was intended to give jobs, rather than a dole, to unemployed Americans during the Great Depression.

Creating jobs was far more costly than giving money away. Local programs were allocated funds from the federal government and the idea was to find useful work for people, using the skills they had in a way that helped them and their communities. The jobs didn't pay very well and wages often were delayed. In fact the program wasn't intended to create attractive jobs - that might have placed the government in competition with private industry, which was also in need of a boost - but rather, to give people in need a way to feed themselves and their families without injuring their self-respect or turning them into dependents on the state.

While WPA projects ranged from construction and education through the arts, it's the arts we're concerned with here. Graphic artists produced posters, mainly silkscreened, for purposes of health and safety education, the promotion of government projects - including other WPA projects, like the Federal Theater Project - and, eventually, propaganda and support for the armed forces during the Second World War.
The program continued to limp along on ever-diminishing budgets until 1943, long after its dynamic founder, Harry Hopkins, had moved on to become Secretary of Commerce.

"Give a man a dole, and you save his body and destroy his spirit. Give him a job and you save both body and spirit."

That's Harry Hopkins.

It wasn't perfect or universal; there was certainly waste, and at its height the WPA was only able to provide work for about 30% of the unemployed. But on the other hand, it did provide jobs for about 30% of the unemployed. Think about that.

We're lucky that we know so much now about taking care of our teeth. Long ago, as people got older, their teeth would rot away and be very painful. To get rid of a toothache, they had their teeth pulled out. Finally people learned that cleaning their teeth was important, but they didn't have toothpaste right away. While you're swishing that minty-fresh paste around your mouth, think about what people used long ago to clean teeth:

ground-up chalk or charcoal
lemon juice
ashes (you know, the stuff that's left over after a fire)
tobacco and honey mixed together

It was only about 100 years ago that someone finally created a minty cream to clean teeth. Not long after that, the toothpaste tube was invented, so people could squeeze the paste right onto the toothbrush! Tooth brushing became popular during World War II. The U.S. Army gave brushes and toothpaste to all soldiers, and they learned to brush twice a day. Back then, toothpaste tubes were made of metal; today they're made of soft plastic and are much easier to squeeze!

Today there are plenty of toothpaste choices: lots of colors and flavors to choose from, and some brands are made just for kids. People with great-looking teeth advertise toothpaste on TV commercials and in magazines. When you're choosing a toothpaste, make sure it contains fluoride. Fluoride makes your teeth strong and protects them from cavities. When you brush, you don't need a lot of toothpaste: just squeeze out a bit the size of a pea. It's not a good idea to swallow the toothpaste, either, so be sure to rinse and spit after brushing.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

VIS LANG: new color ideas

kinetic type examples

stranger than fiction
type and image.
share physical space
stack on top of each other
not so much motion, more like duration.
flicker on, twitch
six feet under, digital kitchen
type is doing mostly what ours will be doing.

the process of change from one form, state, style or lace to another.

in terms of meaning, what can transition suggest???
consider a horizontal wipe versus a circular wipe.

what variables of transition exist???

Five types of transitions )or edits)
action edit- move camera positions during subject activity.

directional edit-directs the eye to a new position on screen.

form edit- transition between elements with similar physical forms.
ie. dissolve from a ceiling fan to a plane propeller

concept edit-juxtaposing two shots in a way that plants an idea or sugestion in the viewer's mind
ie plate of thai food. cut to fire trucks.

combined edit-any combination of the previous edits.

inear wipe
radial wipe
fade-white to black
dissolve- one object to nesxt object

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I'm Kate Morr. I'm showing how simple and playful dave frishberg's lyrics are by using cutouts and silhouettes at the same time i visually represented an evening with dave frishberg by having him casually sitting on a key.

OH MY!!!!

I used hyperbole to bring humor to the poster. Dave frishberg is witty, playful, and simple.
My poster falls into the hyperbole category because the silhouette of dave frishberg is a lot smaller than it would be in real life.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

type 3: gertrude stein

Out of kindness comes redness and out of rudeness comes rapid same question, out of an eye comes research, out of selection comes painful cattle. So then the order is that a white way of being round is something suggesting a pin and is it disappointing, it is not, it is so rudimentary to be analysed and see a fine substance strangely, it is so earnest to have a green point not to red but to point again.


A color in shaving, a saloon is well placed in the centre of an alley.

A light white, a disgrace, an ink spot, a rosy charm.

Within, within the cut and slender joint alone, with sudden equals and no more than three, two in the centre make two one side.

If the elbow is long and it is filled so then the best example is all together.

The kind of show is made by squeezing.

A dark grey, a very dark grey, a quite dark grey is monstrous ordinarily, it is so monstrous because there is no red in it. If red is in everything it is not necessary. Is that not an argument for any use of it and even so is there any place that is better, is there any place that has so much stretched out.

A page to a corner means that the shame is no greater when the table is longer. A glass is of any height, it is higher, it is simpler and if it were placed there would not be any doubt.

Something that is an erection is that which stands and feeds and silences a tin which is swelling. This makes no diversion that is to say what can please exaltation, that which is cooking.

A shine is that which when covered changes permission. An enclosure blends with the same that is to say there is blending. A blend is that which holds no mice and this is not because of a floor it is because of nothing, it is not in a vision.

A fact is that when the place was replaced all was left that was stored and all was retained that would not satisfy more than another. The question is this, is it possible to suggest more to replace that thing. This question and this perfect denial does make the time change all the time.

The sister was not a mister. Was this a surprise. It was. The conclusion came when there was no arrangement. All the time that there was a question there was a decision. Replacing a casual acquaintance with an ordinary daughter does not make a son.

vis LANG: frishberg type

while experimenting with type, i've decided that these are my favorite....

so far this is the one that i chose to go with. I chose this type because the strait horizontal type contrasts with the slanted piano. the multiple type faces shows how random, but beautiful dave frishberg's music is.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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VIS LANG: my choice is.....


now i have to make it good. :P

NA: understanding comics.

west & east: cultural differences btwn E and W: W is a lot more goal oriented. E is siclical and labytinthin. enjoying where you are in the story/ art/ etc.
east uses more moment to moment scenes

gutter, negative space in between comic book panels.
most of the action in comics happen in the reader's head.
6 transition types
moment to moment same subject is displayed in an adjacent sequence
action to action, 2 separate actions. same characters.
subject to subject, both panels are same idea but portray different people.
scene to scene, leaps in time or space. requires cosure or deductive reasoning to link the panels
aspect to aspect, bypasses time for the most part and sets a wonde
grammear of the edit, by roy thompson & in the blink of an i.
editing, the process of preparing language, images, or sound through correction, condensation, organization, etcedit, transition between two shots.
3 different types of edits, . cut-the process
mix gradual transition of overlapping images fade, change from image to black.
thompson has six elements of the edit, murch
motivation-there should always be a reason to make cun. emotion-51% the cut is true to the emotion
information a new shot should always contain composition each shot should have a reasonable shot compostion for framing. Rythm the shot should have a reasonable shot composition or framing. rythm, the cut happens at a moment that is rythmically interesting and 'right'
sound, some form of sound, continuity or sound development.
eye race, the cut acknowledges a concern with location and movement of audiences focus of interest within the frame.
camera angle, each new shot should be n a different angle from the previous shot
2D plane of the screen, the cut respects 'planarity'-the grammar of 3d transposed by photography to 2d.
continuity, movement or action should be both evident and similar in both shots,. continuity of movement of position of sound.
3d space of action the cut respecs the 3rd continuity of the actual space where people are in the room and in the