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akro touch points.

large scale sign
business card(s)
website homepage

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10/15--no presentations.
10/20-- presentations of prototyping.

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DON'T UNDERSTAND WHERE THEY ARE. (no pages underneath)
home, tracks, bazaar, jam, rockers. search. sign out/in "welcome"
add depth. georgia or ariel 49
design for 960.


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naming process
reason selected
type used

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moving/motion, adventurous, dangerous

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By teaching these kids, using the three learning styles, they will realize their potential. Using these enjoyable techniques that we provide, they will gain self confidence, which in return will encourage them to set goals.
*this is where the 3 styles are briefly explained.

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New community model idea.

Will the Web disappear in favor of mobile only interaction?
Yes. Web will disappear because the world is constantly wanting to go faster. In the not-so-distant future no one will have the time to sit nor desire to sit down for long enough to search the web. Plus, mobile interaction is so convenient. Why would someone want to sit at home and read about something on the web, when they can interact with it on their iPod.

What are some of the differences you see as a designer in designing for mobile smartphones, mobile tablets, and browser based interactive?
Well, if designing for a smartphone, I would definitely keep my design simple. People who use smartphones are most likely going to use it on the go. Mobile tablets are slightly different because someone who has one is not necessarily going to be running around, because tablets are larger than phones.
When designing for a tablet, I would still keep it simple, but I would be able go include more information. Of course, the tablet has to have some kind of interaction with the user, so I would have to work that in somehow.
A browser is not as interactive, but there still has to be a way to keep the user interested.

What are their differences in standpoint, simply stated?

Are you for the democratic, user-delivered-content web or the closed expert delivered content of the app world?

Is Steve Jobs monomaniacal or a saint?
I would not consider Steve Jobs a monomaniac. As long as he continues to discover and grow, he will not be considered obsessive. He is however a very smart man. Any person who invents such a thing like iTunes or Pixar is alright in my book. His knowledge in new media is phenomenal and could possibly be considered a "saint" of some sort.

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Recognition-having a band of the week/month may help the chosen bands gain a little more recognition. This may be chosen based on rank.

Recording studio- how about having a way for people to pitch in once a year for recording equipment and a place to record. plus, there should be tutorials available for people to learn how to use this equipment.

Expert knowledge- video tutorials. a ranking system will guarantee that the most educated on the subject will be first in the search. ratings are acquired by the legitimacy of their tutorials and their comments.

Members- each member/band will have a profile that labels them as an individual member, a band, or a venue owner. their profiles will include their name, age, goals, their schedule, availability, photo/s, inspiration, personality, their equipment, style, experience, sound clip/s, their location, and the instruments they own/play/prefer. there should be a way to sift through the profiles in order to limit the search. ie. some one might need someone to play keyboards, who is from kansas city. if their search still is not limited, they can only search through profiles that have sound clips, etc.

Gigs- these profiles will also help bands get gigs. or help venues find bands that fit their style.
a 'gig finder' app might be necessary as well.. like a map that locates the concert venues that need bands. clicking on one venue will direct the musician to the venues profile which includes whether or not the gig is paid.

Safety- an iPhone/iPad app that maps out the local crime rates. especially robbery. it also has a way for the bands to get into contact with other bands, so they can look out for each other.

Inspiration/Style- since ever bands music is posted, bands and musicians may listen to fellow artists and gain some inspiration from them.. it would be cool to have a "suggested listen" bar that locates bands that have a similar sound and group them together..

Promotional materials- provide templates and allow image sharing that have to do with music. musicians/bands who are a member will be allowed to use these templates and images as much as they like.. they also should upload their own images.

Way of critiquing music- the rating system will help with this one. with every sound clip there should be a place for comments, showing up in the order that they were written... the member who's music is being commented on will be allowed to rate the comments. maybe tagging the comments as inside the band or outside the band.

Ways to get management- this is an optional need. some bands do not want this, but we can provide an app that acts as a band manager. it counts their money, investments and profit. as well as stores future gigs. with our other apps, the band will not need a manager to book gigs or advertise.

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from what i hear the children of rosedale do not set goals for themselves and they are not encouraged to dream. i would like to work on this problem because i don't feel that they will develop a solution on their own, (considering they know that it's a problem). my audience will be the children and their mentors, if they have any. Children in public schools, from 2nd grade to 6th grade.

i may have to help the kids find their mentors, i'm not sure yet. i know that i want to give these kids the physical/mental tools needed to have a successful future.

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