Monday, January 31, 2011

H&R Block Space. Floor plan concept.

I know that I can no longer eliminate most of the walls. I planned on having the guests begin at the main entrance, then be lead to the left. When they enter, the movable walls will lead them around the bottom floor and into the rear stairwell. When they enter the second floor, they travel down a dark hallway, which then reveals the "rooftop" garden.

My narrative was about what the city looks like now. And what the city looked like before highways and skyscrapers were built. The garden, then, would be a reveal in the end.

Somehow we need to incorporate technology. My idea was to use their cellphones or another device to time how long the guests spend on a particular section, but at this point, i don't see how time would be relevant. Maybe we can use that idea, with the story and say that for every minute you spend... something happens to a baby seal... or something like that.

I need to keep in mind that the pelotes do not necessarily have to be thin, round columns.
We both need to find a way to use that spot number 8 on the second floor. what will the guests see when they look down?

I would appreciate any comments or questions..

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


For my degree project, I would like to answer, How can graphic design help young adults discover or rediscover themselves. I would like show that each person has their own individual personality and that they should not need to hide it. It would be useful for people to have a tool that would help them relate to other people, especially when they have to leave their nests and begin to develop their own selves. Friendships are more healthy when people accept each other's differences.