Monday, March 30, 2009


Love: Then and Now
Love: Tradition, beauty and romance
Pick Apart Love
The Positives and Negatives of Love
Love: For Better or Worse

Thursday, March 26, 2009

During my research I decided to go in the direction of love and health. It's amazing how having someone to talk to keeps you healthy.

I went to, webMD,, TIME magazine, some other college websites, etc to find different benefits of love and sex.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

icons as of Monday March 23rd

With the help of my classmates I've decided to take this route for my icons, although there still needs to be work done.
Adding a third color to the stroke alone isn't really helping it, so I'm going to try adding a really light fill to certain areas, similar to what i did in the 2 color icons below.

These were my first color ideas, but through a lot of trial and error only a few of my icons pull it off. I feel that the key, rose, and perfume bottle are working, but it's difficult to keep the same idea throughout all icons. First of all, the paper is flat, so there is really no where to add curves, the pen and the ring are skinny, so no matter where i add multiple colors they won't be visible in small form.

Inspiration for Licko and VanderLans poster

For my poster, I'm going to focus on experimental type, not necessarily creating my own fonts like zuzana licko and rudy vanderlans do, but placement, and variety are going to be extremely important. The good thing about these designers' style is they do something completely different with each Emigre cover. Hopefully i'll be able to combine some of these ideas into one poster.

Friday, March 13, 2009

notes: icon discussion with josh and logan

ring has empty space that nothing else does.
they like the overlap. :)
they like the red filled in icons
logan: take one of the colors and bump it up.
Josh: bring them down more.
I might try to change the black for the dark red, and go from there.

bottom work better in the handwriting-looking ones.

three of my favorite things i found that compare to my icons

Monday, March 9, 2009

These were the two directions i chose.

I really like the filled in icons, although they may lead away from my original icon system... but i think as long as i keep the outline black and visible, then it will still read as writing. we'll see what the class thinks.

Friday, March 6, 2009

still working on my bow.

less infinity.

new color choices

The reds I chose have a romantic feel, they connote love, lust, beauty, kisses... overall romance.

The purples also have a beautiful, romantic feel.

The browns I originally had were muddy and seemed too nature-like, so I found a brown that looked more skin color, which has a different connotation.

This green does have a nature feel too it, but i feel that it's cleaner.

color crit.

My colors need some repair. I was going for a vintage, victorian mood, but the colors i chose ended up looking too nature-like.
I'm going to change my idea to look more modern, since my icons are more modern.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

look at this. :)

It's icons making an icon. :O

Take off your pants and jacket. BLINK!

What i turned in as my finals...

crit notes:

type legibility. thicken up letters. try to integrate type w/ image.. don't just place it on there.
abc logo- fog can't see b.
think about mounting differently.

flash- make fog legible.. make dark legible.. it can be a little over 5 seconds...
some things are going too fast.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Notes: icon discussion in class

11- divided 2 + colors to positive space, divided into multiple shapes.
10-divided shapes by gaps, filling positive space.
9-outline, separated by gaps, positive form 2+ colors
8- outlined 2+ colors glares to show shape. divide icon into multiple forms to show shape
7-gap, adding background element, outline, observable gap.
6-all separate shapes, 2+ color, positive and negative, denote light and shape
5-denoting shape and light, not an outline, gaps!!! color added to positive and negative space
4- adding extra background element, filling positive space
3- adding color and motif to positive space,
2-adding 2+ colors to positive and negative, adding motif