Monday, February 28, 2011

Urban Awakening: Luke and Kate

Urban Awakening: Architecture for a Better Living

To reflect Le Corbusier’s entirely new way of living revolving around practicality, purpose, and functionality; breaking free from the crowded commotion of industriousness and reflecting back upon nature.

When we began this project, looking into the life of Corbusier and the reasoning behind his essay 5 Points Toward a New Architecture there were several ideas that resonated with us. One specifically was Corbusier’s idea, after World War I, of a backlash to all the destruction and killing, taking strong social consideration on making life better. In tandem with this idea, he was also influenced by the problems of industrial cities, their lack of moral landscape, overcrowding, and dirtiness; with the essay and its 5 Points, Corbusier envisioned creating not only harmony within the space but also harmony with nature. His idea that the roof garden simply replaces the ground the building was constructed upon further justifies this point, and this fusion of industry and nature is best resulted in the Villa Savoye. Demonstrating each of the 5 Points as well as providing a place to reflect back upon nature and break free from the hustle and bustle of industry.

This leads us the our exhibition, exemplifying the 5 Points in a persuasive manner that is both enlightening and practical. And from a grander standpoint we hope to have portrayed the ‘middle ground’ between the dirt of industry and the revitalization of nature through the practical breakdown of Corbusier’s argument reflecting upon freedom and the overall improvement of living.

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